El Reflejo Negado

Dos amigas se encuentran después de muchos años, y se produce un enfrentamiento entre ambas. El resultado de esta pelea, es una síntesis inspirada en “La Metamorfosis” de Kafka, de la cuál sólo una de ellas podrá sobrevivir. Two friends who meet after many years, and a confrontation between them occurs. The result of this […]


“Un paciente es ingresado urgentemente al Psiquiátrico Frokus por su complicada condición.” A patient is admitted with urgency to the Frokus Psychiatric Hospital because of complicated condition.
Que Haz Hecho

¿Que haz hecho?

Una joven tiene que lidiar con lo que parece ser el problema legal de uno de sus compañeros de clase, cuidando que no sean descubiertos por nadie. A teenager has to deal with what seems to be the legal problem of one of his classmates, taking care that nobody discovers them.


HUELLA (TRACE) is a short film about Esperanza and Marcos, a couple who after a terrible incident try to get back what they have lost, intimacy. (TRIGGER WARNING This video contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.)  


A narrator, two stories, two different persons, one theme, and one mission, discover which is the theme that connect this two stories. Now, let’s start.   Un narrador, dos historias, 2 diferentes personas, un tema y una mision, descubre cual es tema que conecta estas 2 historias. Ahora, comencemos.  

Los Cortos de Octubre

  Estos son los cortometrajes de Octubre: Ashes de Cristian Proa Lunes Siete y Media de Péliculas Cacrí (Francisco Murmullo Garcia) La Lotería de Shahir Daud CÍRCULOS PECADOS – CAPITULO 1 – TE DE OPIO de Bastian A. Rli Cruz y El Gato de Péliculas Cacrí (Francisco Murmullo Garcia) HEADROOM de Sergio Araujo La historia de Doña Tema de Alexander Bolaño Invasiva Liberación de Horacio Gallinat Puerta de MM Producciones Perdone […]
el amuleto

El Amuleto

Cuenta la historia de un amuleto indio que fue regalado a un integrante de la familia y el espiritu que tiene ese muñeco de madera solo posee mujeres,al ser tocado por la hermana, se desata un caos espiritual.

El Último Café

Roberto (20) ingresa a una cafetería a media noche buscando tomar un café, cuando se encuentra con Sergio (40) un mesero de mirada seria y poco amigable, quien sin decir nada exaspera al comensal con su actitud. Roberto alterado reacciona gritando al camarero quien decide traer lo que el joven pide. Lo que Roberto no […]
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.51.08 AM

El Refugio del Olvido

En este tercer trabajo documental de Alhadeff, se recopilan fragmentos de noticieros, los programas periodísticos de la televisión, las publicidades de la época apoyando la guerra. Imágenes del pueblo vivando a Galtieri, cuando el dictador a través de una maquiavélica retórica triunfalista hizo creer a gran parte de la ciudania que se podía recuperar las […]
100 Cortos_Small

Hoy llegamos a 100 Cortometrajes

Hoy llegamos a 100 #cortometrajes en Los Cortos. 100 excelentes cortometrajes creados por la comunidad hispana en diferentes países del mundo. Son más de 17 horas de increíble contenido y no lo podríamos haber hecho sin el talento de 73 directores, productores, actores que nos han enviado sus proyectos. En este momento también anunciamos el […]

Salón Royale

Ana se dirige junto a dos amigas a una fiesta. Tiene la ilusión de conocer a alguien, pero sus expectativas cambian cuando una de ellas le revela que a la fiesta… parece que va su ex. Ana, who is going to a party with two friends, hopes to meet somebody . But her expectations change […]

Esa de Rojo

La historia gira en torno a Laura, una mujer que lucha constantemente por alcanzar la fama sin tener mucho que ofrecer: no es joven pero tampoco es vieja, no es guapa pero tampoco fea, y no tiene gracia, aunque por dentro ella cree estar destinada a triunfar. Laura nos muestra su mundo de fantasía, un […]

Photos from: Los Cortos Visitan Miami

We had a great show on October 28th . We want to thanks 26 Brewing for the drinks, Epson Latin America for the Proyector and El Autobus Inc for hosting. Also, Rolando Gonzales for all the help and DJ Abe Borgman for the great music. See you soon


CAPRICHOSAS translated from Spanish means “to act tenaciously, on a whim, without reason.” Rosie, the protagonist faces the loss of her mother and seems to impulsively end her marriage. She seeks comfort in her aunt Mayo, who is herself dealing with her own grief. The film highlights the complexities of family dynamics and the cultural […]
The Invisibles

The Invisibles

The invisibles is a clay animated short of 6 minutes where the streets from LA will be the scenery, intending to make visible the invisible, showing through different characters a day in the lives of homeless people, the ones that survive, underlie, or live in a different reality due to their lunacy, youngsters with a […]


An indomitable spray dog takes as its territory the “home” of Matthew, a beggar immersed in solitude. Matthew, does not understand how it is that has been displaced by a dog and is determined to regain their space at any cost. What seemed simple for Matthew ends up being a great battle, where the solitude […]


After waking up with out memory, he is afraid to discover who he really is. Simultaneously a woman is fighting memories of her past that hunt her present reality. Liminality tells the story of two troubled people on the verge of a life threshold.

The Jurors of the Festival

Here are the Jurors of “The 4th Noche de Los Cortos”: ELIAS WEINSTOCK Elias started his career as a production assistant in Televisa (Mexico) working in several “telenovelas” (soap operas).  Then he made the move to advertising, where he started as a copywriter. Presently, he is the chief creative officer at Casanova Pendrill (a McCann […]

Hacia La Vida

“Hacia la Vida” is a story that brings together two strangers, each looking for their own redemption. Soledad is a lonely woman who works as a professional funeral crier for hire. While on the job, she comes across Salvador, a young man who is there to mourn the death of a woman he never met… […]

Guardame Puesto – Save me a Spot

La caótica ciudad de Caracas es conocida en todo el mundo por muchas razones pero lo que la mayoría no se imagina es que allí conseguir un puesto de estacionamiento es una verdadera pesadilla. En esta historia una pareja de aventureros caraqueños se arriesgan y ponen a prueba la fortaleza de su relación cuando entran […]

The “Official Selection” of The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos

Here it is, with no particular order, the “Official Selection” of “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos” “Historia Muerta” by Fran Mateu “Liminality” by Oren Stambouli “Persistence” by Joel Vazquez “Verbena” by Ana Aurora Rodríguez “El Puente” by Agostina Ravazzola “A Race to the center of the Sun” by Edgar Alvarez, Patricia Krebs y Khepri Suhkhotep I “La Conclusión de […]

The New Corto

After 4 years, El Corto, has changed. The Original Corto was born with the site after a long night of playing with the letters of Los Cortos. He was part of two festivals and 17 podcast. Today we welcome a new Corto, one that will take our community forward with many cortometrajes, festivals and podcasts. […]

What can you win at the Los Cortos’ raffle?

We are very happy to announce that we are gathering a very nice list of items for the Los Cortos’ “WORLD FAMOUS” raffle. This year you can buy your tickets online and we will send you the items (We can only ship in the US, but if you don;t have an address in the US, […]

Los Cortos Podcast #17 – The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos

Continuando en español, Yaniv Waisman y Blas Kisic conversan sobre “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos. En este episodio del podcast de Los Cortos, Conversamos sobre la tercera edición del festival de “Los Cortos”.  En la sección de festival tenemos toda la información de como enviar tu cortometraje, de las bases, del jurado y de […]

Los Cortos Podcast #16 – Festivales (y en español)

De vuelta al español con el podcast. Sorry my non-spanish speaking friends. You didn’t vote in the poll last year 🙂 Blas y Yaniv comparten un rato con información de festivales de cortometrajes y de otras noticias interesantes del mundo de los cortometrajes. Escuchen el podcast donde hablamos con detalle de los siguientes festivales y […]

Homebound Trailer

Our friend Fanny Véliz has been working very hard for the last two years to make her first feature film. “Homebound” is ready and she is starting to submit it to the festivals. Here is the trailer for the film. Visit the official site Homebound

Location, Location, Location

The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos is approaching and we found a great place for the Festival.   The event will be held at THE MACHA THEATER in West Hollywood on October 25th. Here are a couple of pictures of the place.  


Our great friend Cristóbal Sobera, who created “Brazaletes” just sent us the trailer for his new animation, “Luchito y el Arco Iris” is a clay animation with a beautiful story. Don’t miss the trailer and share it with your friends. Too bad that it won’t be ready for “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos” 🙂 […]

Del otro lado de la puerta

“Del otro lado de la puerta” (2012). Un joven atrapado en sus propios miedos, en busca de una respuesta más allá de sus murallas interiores. ——————– “The other side of the Door” (2012). A man trapped in his own fears..searching for an answer beyond his mind walls.


Tarcila Amada Tirzo experimenta la dependencia del amor y la muerte en un juego de múltiples circunstancias dentro de su fugaz y oscura personalidad. Cortometraje experimental basado en el Test de Apercepción Temática (T.A.T), que es una prueba proyectiva de personalidad humana, cuenta con 31 láminas y fue inventada por Henry Murray y sus colaboradores […]

Film Submission

Instructions for the Festival. This Festival showcases latin filmmakers from around the world. In order to be part of it, you need to be a latin filmmaker or your short film must have a theme based on the latin culture or people. -Fill out the form below. All fields with * are required. -The short […]

The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos

Los Cortos has open the submission period for “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos”. The event will take place in Los Angeles at the end of October. You can submit your corto via our form here. The Noche de Los Cortos is a different festival. It is a show where we will showcase about two […]

A new chapter for Los Cortos. This is the new look for Los Cortos,  we are working out a few details and if you see anything that is working kind of weird let us know. Please let us know what you think of the new look of Los Cortos Welcome to Los Cortos YW


A man and a kid, each on their own way, share the same problem: they can’t connect with the rest of the world. A surprise is waiting for them. A study about the power of a Smile.

Los Cortos Podcast #14 – The 2nd Noche de Los Cortos 03

  Blas y Yaniv conversan sobre el show. Faltan solo unos días para la gran Noche. Le queremos agradecer a los patrocinantes: American Airlines Final Draft Rocstor Epson Latin America Makine Studios Blague Communications CREXELS Mucho Perro Venezolanos en Hollywood Y ak Dual Perception por la música que usamos en el podcast.

Los Cortos Podcast #11 with Carlos González

Carlos works in TV with Nickelodeon as a Director and DP of “Big Time Rush”. He worked in a very successful Venezuelan film call “Doña Barbara”. He also worked in great short that is on the site and everybody should have seen by now call “La Nochebuena de Paco y Manolo”     He started […]

Libre Albedrio

Una idea de Pedro Cohen. Un alma, dos seres, un pasado, un destino… Libre Albedrio. An idea by Pedro Cohen. A soul, two beings, a past, a destiny…freewill

Los Cortos Podcast #10 with Fidel Arizmendi

In today’s show Blas and Yaniv sat with Fidel Arizmendi, whose latest work is a short film called “Hacia la vida” He started as a writer for TV shows like Roseanne and Home Improvement before going to advertising. He began as a writer and later moved to be a director. After many years directing TV […]


Chispy is a 10-year-old boy who lives in the poorest slum of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. He shares a double bed with the rest of his family and doesn’t go to school. It’s early outside and Chispy wakes up to go surfing. He travels to Tayrona in order to reach his waves.

Los Cortos Podcast #09 with Chris and Tianna

On our latest podcast, Blas and me talk with Tianna Langham and Chris Bessounian. Chris directed and him and Tianna wrote the short films call “The Kolaborator”. On this episode we talk about sound on a short film and how important it is. It is a great podcast to understand a little about challenges we […]

Los Cortos Podcast #08 with Prakriti Maduro

Los Cortos #8 with Prakriti Maduro. Venezuelan Movie start. Recenlty was in Habana Eva by Fina Torres. She also directed a short film call “I Wanna Shine” and we talk with her about making the short film and the challenges that she faced doing a stop motion animation. IMDB of “Prakriti Maduro” https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1319433/ IMDB of […]

King of the Streets

With his feelings of grandeur, Cesar tell us how his luck changed, how all that he wanted was at his door step, but the actual events tell another story. What goes around, comes around.

Los Cortos Podcast #07 with Jesus Rodriguez

Episode #7 of the Los Cortos Podcast. From the Blague Studios in Studio City, California, Blas and Yaniv talked with Jesus Rodriguez. A writer and a great director. We talked about his short films and how he started. How he made his first short film “Lucy and Ricky” and how he made the rest. Click here to see his short films […]

Los Cortos Podcast #06 with Paco and Manolo

The final podcast of 2010 is the new podcast for 2011. A little late but as Blas puts it: Better Late than Never. In this episode we talket with Paco and Manolo, the guys who created  “La Nochebuena de Paco y Manolo” Steve Wilcox and Alex Furth are Paco and Manolo and we talked with […]

Il Destino

If your present is not what you expected, and you get one chance to relive your past…Was it meant to be all along? A newly divorced single father reconnects with a past love for a meeting that forever changes his life.


Dave was assembled by Octavio Villegas, Eduardo Hueso, Alberto Lara, Francisco Berrizbeitia, Pedro Omedas, Diego Bauducco and Carl Zitelmann. Narrated by: Derrick Bishop

Los Cortos Podcast #05 with Diego Velasco

Episode #5 of Los Cortos Podcast. From the Blague Studios in Studio City, California, Blas and Yaniv talked about the “1st Noche de Los Cortos”. Here is the link of the event’s note. We thank the sponsors and please visit them by clicking on the links. Makine Studios Epson Latin America Blague Comunications Coupa Cafe […]


During a long overnight bus trip, Manuel, a 25 year old, hopes to meet the woman that will change his life. Graciela, a 24 year old, almost makes it. During the trip, Manuel trys without luck to get closer, while his “thoughts” as a ghost, helps him with thousands of options for courtships. Winner of […]

Los Cortos’ Podcast #4 with Alejandro Furth

This is Episode 4 of Los Cortos Podcast. Today Blas and Yaniv talk about the Showcase which will be October 23 and and the new website for the Showcase. Fanny Veliz’ “Il Destino” played in Texas last Saturday and it will play in Los Angeles tonight, September 13 at 7:00PM at The Montalban Theater. Our […]

Los Cortos #03 with Marcel Rasquin

This is the 3rd Podcast of Los Cortos. Today we started with some news. 1st Noche of Los Cortos Showcase will be October 23rd in Santa Monica CA. If you have Cortos. Send it to us. -Oren Stambouli presented his documentary at the Albuquerque Film Festival. -Brazaletes by Cristóbal Sobera and  Neestor Pérez was at […]

Happy Endings

Floyd thinks his life has no meaning and it is a disaster. There is only one way out and that is with the help of Spider, a hired killer.

Los Cortos #2 with Fanny Veliz

This is the Podcast #2 for Los Cortos. Today we have Fanny Veliz as our guest. On the site you can see two of her films: 3Some and ShortStop.  She just directed “Il Destino” which got an Imagen Award Nomination.   We talk about her Cortos and about her history as a Filmmaker and Actress. […]

Los Cortos #1. What is Los Cortos?

This is the first recording of The Los Cortos Podcast. Recorded at Blague Communications with Blas Kisic and Yaniv Waisman. Today we talk about what Los Cortos is, where it came from and what we want to do in the future. Visit the website for more Cortos and information on what we are doing.  www.LosCortos.com […]

Miel y Hiel

La escatología desde un punto no religioso va desencadenando eventos que se entrelazan oníricamente y muestran una fábula inesperada.


When a strange clown shows up at a young wife’s funeral, things only begin to get stranger for Jack, the mourning husband, as a terrible secret is unveiled. Featuring a unique dialog style — all lines are entirely in rhyme — the film unfolds like a Dr. Seuss nightmare.

La tengo, no la tengo

When Dani, caring and goodhearted, gets dumped by his girlfriend, he decides that the only was to never be heartbroken again is to become heartless with women. Motivated by his friends and his own desires he then goes through different hilarious situations attempting to become a person he is not.

What’s wrong with this picture

When young Aidan draws the wrong picture, things can go wrong, very wrong, in the world of a three year old. A mock cautionary tale mixing live action and animation. Winner of multiple awards, this film has played at over 30 festivals and is distributed on the shorts! DVD collection.

The Gift

Three Immigrants in a Homeric adventure looking for the American Dream. A political comedy about what immigrants do get ahead and how they are viewed from the inside.

Rosas de Color Rosa

Ella habla de sus amigos, familia, de sus cosas favoritas y de las que no le gustan pero un sentimiento le puede dar un giro a su vida que cambiará hasta los pequeños detalles.

Never After

A couple of newly weds start their marriage as everybody is supposed to, but after 12 minutes –in real time- they face the real meaning of honesty and the ultimate tragedy. This short is an intense exercise of narrative.


“Campesino” is a stylish short documentary designed and executed in order to give illegal immigrants a voice and a chance to explain their point of view: why they cross the border, the risks, the suffering, the dreams, the hopes.  One face and one history that represents a vast universe of people that are talked about […]

Lucy & Ricky

A multicultural couple deals with their differences; a Latin husband and an American wife have a “normal” evening watching TV and pretending that life is good enough.


Love and Marriage. Can you have one without the other? On this wedding eve 3 couples put this ld age question to the test while redefining their lives in this glimpse into what love means and why in the end Love is so hard to hold on to.


2 Latinas find out they are sleeping with the same man. They confront eachother as they reflect on the decisions they are about to make… All in the front seat of a car.