Il Destino

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If your present is not what you expected, and you get one chance to relive your past…Was it meant to be all along? A newly divorced single father reconnects with a past love for a meeting that forever changes his life.

Title Il Destino
Duration 16:02
Director Fanny Véliz
Writer Fanny Véliz
Editor Fanny Véliz
Manuel B. Andrade
Cinematographer Iliana Guevara
Executive Producer Manuel B. Andrade
Producer Fanny Véliz
Sandra Varona
Music Bill Ferguson

Beto Cuevas
Casting FannyVéliz
Director’s Assistant Joey Mendez
Production Assistant Luis Buster Rojas
Jeremiah Ocañas
Wardrobe Marjorie Burgos
Sound Manuel B Andrade
Set Design Manuel B Andrade
Fanny Véliz
Sandra Varona
Makeup Diana Quezada
Carlos Rafael Calderón
Stephania Yeniffer Behrens
Amanda Fanny Véliz
Waitress Juanita Chase
Sons Sebastian Andrade
Mateo Andrade

 In loving memory:
Stepahina Settecasse

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