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“Un paciente es ingresado urgentemente al Psiquiátrico Frokus por su complicada condición.”

A patient is admitted with urgency to the Frokus Psychiatric Hospital because of complicated condition.

Directed byMarcelo Kozakiewicz
Written byMarcos Luraschi
Director of PhotographyFabian Blanco
Spectrum Warriors ProductionsHernán R. González
M/M ProduccionesMarcelo Kozakeiwicz
Production AssistanceFlavia Keller
EditorMarcelo Kozakiewicz
Pablo Rosko
Make UpCristina Di Tommaso
SoundFarid baharkoush
Paula Flier
Jonatan Peralta
StoryboardEmiliano Urich
Carolina Vásquez
Ando Amores
Yojanna Cardona
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