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2 Latinas find out they are sleeping with the same man. They confront eachother as they reflect on the decisions they are about to make… All in the front seat of a car.

Title Shortstop
Duration 17:22
Director Risa Machuca

Fanny Véliz
Writer Risa Machuca
Fanny Véliz
Producer Joey Mendez
Fanny Véliz
Risa Machuca
Editor Fanny Véliz
Cinematographer Liz Santoro
Assistant Director Jamar Hawkins
Assistant Producer Henry K Priest
Rafael Calderon
Camera Assistant JD Mata
Steady-Cam DP Timmy
Artist on Set Salvador Benavides
Makeup Hazuki
Gaffer Pat Perez
Sound Operator Adisa Khepra
Munchies Luis “Buster” Rojas
Story Board Artist Ruby Flores
Script Supervisor Karen Thames
Production Assistant Iliana Guevera
Erika Olmos
Sound Design Brandon Olmos
Music Brandon Olmos
Additional Music Bill Ferguson
Intro and Theme Ponkbeats
Carol Risa Machuca
Jessica Fanny Véliz
Jesse Anthony “Dust” Ortiz
Shop Girl Mercedes Mercado
Car Guys Jesse Aranda

Kyle Goldstein

Anthony Aguilar


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