Marvin The Clown

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Thesis short film from the Master of Fine Arts program in the Motion pictures & Television in the Academy of Art, base on San Francisco, CA. Oct 2010

Title Marvin The Clown
Duration 8:00
Director Bora Ozan
Writer Bora Ozan
Producer Bora Ozan
Brooke Dooley
Production Assistant Juan Garcia
Tanyluz Sciortino
Pablo Russek
Cinematographer Harold Escotet U.
Production Design & Wardrobe Ipek Kemahlioglu
Elvin Rodriguez-Torrez
Editor Gina Hu
VFX Supervisor Adam Oestergaard
Make up Artist J.M. Hall (Penny)
Music Joachim Horsley
Gaffer Zed Wang
First AC Luis Montijo
Second AC Diana Cordero
Still Photographer Dylan Gloker
Marvin the Kid Matthew Atchenson
The Father Elvin Rodriguez-Torres
The Mother Penny Hall
Old Clown Dennis There’d Eustace
Marvin Jonah Katz
Lucy Cynthia Aviance Rauschert


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