The Invisibles

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The invisibles is a clay animated short of 6 minutes where the streets from LA will be the scenery, intending to make visible the invisible, showing through different characters a day in the lives of homeless people, the ones that survive, underlie, or live in a different reality due to their lunacy, youngsters with a broken American dream, war veterans, drug addicts, lonely people with no family, victims of the economic or emotional crisis. They become all of those that we don´t want to see many times because they remind us where we don´t want to be and where we are heading with our indifference.
I bumped with this project while walking on the streets, I got to see reality from another perspective in the city of LA where not having a car and moving around the streets carrying a backpack or bags represent a symbol of indigence and poverty, where the shopping cart a symbol of consumerism becomes the mobile house of many, where solitude becomes their only companion.

Title The Invisibles
Duration 6:50
Director Edgar Alvarez
Music Manuel Borta
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