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Anna fell in love with Gregor and grapes. Her heart broadcasts audibly. Will a romance evolve?

Title Coherence
Duration 9:10
Director Rakel Sosa
Writer Rakel Sosa
Editor Roberta de Lacerda
Cinematographer Andrzej Rudz
Producer Rakel Sosa
Assistant Producer Julia Maretto
Sound Julia Maretto

Pantelis Pipergias Analytis
Sound Design Rakel Sosa
Roberta de Lacerda
Script Consultant Dave Lojek
Sound Mixer Dave Lojek
Anna Sylwia Irena Mroczkowska
Gregor Dariusz Wieteska
The Voice Dave Lojek

Sr Mendez
Monte y Culebra
Una y otra Vez
Ahora viene lo bueno

Based on research published by the HearthMath Institute. Boulder Creek, California

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