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Love and Marriage. Can you have one without the other? On this wedding eve 3 couples put this ld age question to the test while redefining their lives in this glimpse into what love means and why in the end Love is so hard to hold on to.

Title 3Some
Duration 24:03
Director Fanny Véliz
Writer Fanny Véliz
Producer Fanny Véliz
Geno Havens
Luis Rojas
Editor Fanny Véliz
Cinematographer Paula Huidobro
Casting Director Geno Havens
Assistant Director Iliana Guevara
Makeup Sylvia Ceina
Production Manager Luis Rojas
Gaffer Joey Mendez
Script Supervisor Elena Rogovsky
Sound Operator Antonio Moncara
Wardrobe Salvador Benavides
Grip Joey Mendez
Set Dresser Salvador Benavides
Craft Services Anibal Palumbo
Fanny Palumbo
Properties Manuel Andrade
Production Assistant Erika Olmos
Assistant Gaffer Kyle Goldstein
Graphic Design Manuel Andrade
Production Services The Filmmaker’s Resource
Music Bill Ferguson
Associate  Producer Manuel Andrade
Executive Producer Geno Havens
Carlos Mike Gomez
Pablo Felipe Alejandro
Marta Yeniffer Behrens
Julia Doralicia
Marco Giovanni Lopes
Carla Fanny Véliz
Best Friend Risa Machuca
Bridesmaid Julie Estrada
Bridesmaid Marisol Lopez
Bridesmaid Kikey Castillo
Bridesmaid Leslie Carrera
Wedding Party Salvador Benavides
Maid of Honor Chrisitina Romero
Priest Luis “Buster” Rojas
Cute Waiter Miro
Alejandro Nelson Grande
Photographer Manuel Andrade
Wedding Guest Dave Campos
Wedding Guest Rafael Calderon
Wedding Guest Geno Havens
Ramiro Ruben Ruiz

 “Para Volver a Comenzar”
Luigi Castillo and Santiago Castillo
Performed by

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