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CAPRICHOSAS translated from Spanish means “to act tenaciously, on a whim, without reason.” Rosie, the protagonist faces the loss of her mother and seems to impulsively end her marriage. She seeks comfort in her aunt Mayo, who is herself dealing with her own grief. The film highlights the complexities of family dynamics and the cultural divide between generations.

The root of the film is a meditation on the impact of loss—those who raised us, those who loved us and even those who leave us. These losses shift the direction of our lives and can be like death itself and it is this paternal-familial struggle that the film explores

Title Caprichosas
Duration 18:27
Director Jose Salomon Jr
Writer Jose Salomon Jr
Producer Thom Daniels
Jose Solomon Jr
Brian Cuojoe Tolbert
Cinematography Chris Jensen-Soto
Editing Brian Cuojoe Tolbert
Makeup and Hair Luis Garcia
Production Management Sarah McClelland
Sound Brian Cuojoe Tolbert
Music Thom Daniels
Production Assistant Irene Kaila Calvillo
Rosie Onahoua Rodriguez
Mayo Eileen Galindo
Alex Ronnie Alvarez
Mom (Photo) Ivonne Coll
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