Lucy & Ricky

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A multicultural couple deals with their differences; a Latin husband and an American wife have a “normal” evening watching TV and pretending that life is good enough.

Title Lucy & Ricky
Duration 2:00
Director Jesús M. Rodriguez
Writer Jesús M. Rodriguez
Producer Doris Larrazabal
Editor Nasar Abich J.
Cinematographer Andrés E. Sánchez
Sound Design Tracey Larvenz
Music Caramel Prisoner by AIR
Production Designer Carlos Cotte
Art Director Jesús M. Rodriguez
Veronica Acosta
Costume Designer Juan Reolon
Graphic Design Federico Reinfeld
Gaffer Antal Stenbach
Camera Assistants Mike Forer
April Ruane
Prop Master Romaine Gateau
Production Sound Recordist Dean Gudmundson
Lucy Katherine Solem
Ricky Regelio Rodriguez


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