Los Cortos Podcast #05 with Diego Velasco

Episode #5 of Los Cortos Podcast. From the Blague Studios in Studio City, California, Blas and Yaniv talked about the “1st Noche de Los Cortos”.

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The guest today is Diego Velasco. He is the writer and director of “La Hora Cero”, which is his first feature film. He is also the writer and director of the most watched Corto in the website, “Cédula Ciudadano”

Listen about Diego’s expericene doing “Cédula Ciudadano” and how the idea of “La Hora Cero” came about.

Visit “La Hora Cero” at www.LaHoraCero.com

Follow Diego at www.DiegoVelasco.com

And Congratulations to Otto Scheuren, Director of “Rosas de Color Rosa” and actor of “She is the One. Otto edited “La Hora Cero” won best editing in the Merida Film Festival

Thanks to Freddy Sheinfeld at www.DualPerception.com, Blague Communications for providing the studio and JP for being the best sound engender that we have.

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