Never After

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A couple of newly weds start their marriage as everybody is supposed to, but after 12 minutes –in real time- they face the real meaning of honesty and the ultimate tragedy. This short is an intense exercise of narrative.

Title Never After
Duration 13:30
Director Jesus M. Rodriguez
Writer Jesus M. Rodriguez
Producer Jesus M. Rodriguez
Tamara Baranov
Richard Briglia
Editor Gladys Vega
Cinematographer Richard Briglia
Sound Design Kaspar Bugentobler
Music  Marc Dold
Judith Martin (Aurah)
Colorist Santiago Padilla
Production Designer Jesus M. Rodriguez
Makeup Tammy Hunt
Script Supervisor Amanda Greenberger
Sound Department Brent D Mason
Camera Department Lucas Deans
Bride Tamara Baranov
Groom Evan Helmuth
Bell Boy Luigi Debiasse


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