Los Cortos Podcast #07 with Jesus Rodriguez

Episode #7 of the Los Cortos Podcast. From the Blague Studios in Studio City, California, Blas and Yaniv talked with Jesus Rodriguez. A writer and a great director.

We talked about his short films and how he started. How he made his first short film “Lucy and Ricky” and how he made the rest.

Click here to see his short films on the site.

We also talked about how he decided to go from his short films to make his upcoming feature film and how he shoot it.

Visit Sunset Junction: A Personal Musical

And HERE is Jesus Site.

We also talked about the great news of the NEW update for the Los Cortos iPhone app and the AMAZING NEW app for the iPad. Check them out in iTunes

As usual, we want to thank Blague Communications for the Studio and Jesus who was at the sound board. And Freddy Sheinfeld at Dual Perceptios for a great music.

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Email us at elcorto@loscortos.com 


Next week we will talk about Sound and short films. Send us your questions and comments.



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