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Shadow of Hope

Shadows Of Hope

When a stressed induced Mother, Alli, works aimlessly to salvage the relationship with her daughter, Hope, She is torn between losing her daughter and her sense of reality.   Title   Shadow of Hope Duration:   14:08 Directed by   Elena Rojas Written by   Elena Rojas       Music Composer   Chris Edgar […]
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We use internet all day without even realizing it. What happens if we lose it? What happens if we lose it and we are at work. 


For the last 30 years Pappy has been running unsuccessfully for Prime Minister of Dominica, each time gaining fewer votes than before. In 2014 he runs again, this time on a platform to legalice marijuana.  

El Chivo

Relata la historia de un hombre que es perturbado por la televisión, y otro por otro lado vive la vida como quiere, una noche aconsejado por un amigo decide ver televisión, se despierta en la mañana enfermo por las noticias, tanto que lo hacen actuar diferente.

Salón Royale

Ana se dirige junto a dos amigas a una fiesta. Tiene la ilusión de conocer a alguien, pero sus expectativas cambian cuando una de ellas le revela que a la fiesta… parece que va su ex. Ana, who is going to a party with two friends, hopes to meet somebody . But her expectations change […]


“Llorona” es un cortometraje Stop Motion de terror que toma como base la leyenda de “La llorona” pero plasmada desde el punto de vista muy particular de los creadores.   “Llorona” a horror stop motion short film about the legend of “La Llorona”, but brought to life by a particular point of view of the […]
un juego una pasion

Un juego, una pasión

Un juego, una pasión, narran la historia de tres personajes guatemaltecos Luis, Marcelo y Miguel cuyas vidas se conectan a través de una pasión, el Rugby. A game, a passion, a story about three guys from Guatemala, Luis, Marcelo and Miguel, whose lives intersect by the same passion: Rugby.


Chispy is a 10-year-old boy who lives in the poorest slum of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. He shares a double bed with the rest of his family and doesn’t go to school. It’s early outside and Chispy wakes up to go surfing. He travels to Tayrona in order to reach his waves.

Il Destino

If your present is not what you expected, and you get one chance to relive your past…Was it meant to be all along? A newly divorced single father reconnects with a past love for a meeting that forever changes his life.


Love and Marriage. Can you have one without the other? On this wedding eve 3 couples put this ld age question to the test while redefining their lives in this glimpse into what love means and why in the end Love is so hard to hold on to.


2 Latinas find out they are sleeping with the same man. They confront eachother as they reflect on the decisions they are about to make… All in the front seat of a car.