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An indomitable spray dog takes as its territory the “home” of Matthew, a beggar immersed in solitude. Matthew, does not understand how it is that has been displaced by a dog and is determined to regain their space at any cost. What seemed simple for Matthew ends up being a great battle, where the solitude and the company will play each office. Fang, is a story of reflection about how human beings are willing to bear so as not to be alone.



Title Colmillo
Duration 19:00
Director Albi De Abreu
Writer Albi De Abreu
Producer Rodolfo Cove
Albi De Abreu
Natalia Machado
Music Gabriel Velasco
Cinematography Oscar Lobo
Editing Miguel Angel Garcia
Art Direction Erasmo
Makeup Jaya Ramirez
Assistant Director Francisco Fuentes
Assistant Art Director Susana Rincon
Props Roger Vargas
Sound/Sound Mixer Frank Rojas
Assistant Camera Pedro Mercado
Gaffer Victor Hugo Nasser
Camera Operator Jose Alirio Rojas
Costume Ana “Cape” Grillet
Digital Intermediate Coloris Caryl Deyn Korma
Musician Eduardo Tozzatto
Alexander Solórzabo
Colmillo Pilou
Carnicero Albi De Abreu
Heladero Juan Carlos Muñoz
Motorizado Omeiro Miranda
Doble de Colmillo Tao


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