Hacia La Vida

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“Hacia la Vida” is a story that brings together two strangers, each looking for their own redemption. Soledad is a lonely woman who works as a professional funeral crier for hire. While on the job, she comes across Salvador, a young man who is there to mourn the death of a woman he never met… his own mother. In this vulnerable setting, two people who seemingly have nothing to do with one another realize their similarities, and explore their conflicting viewpoints on life. During their brief encounter, confessions are exchanged and forgiveness imparted, giving these two souls the peace of mind they need to move on.



Title Hacia La Vida
Duration 16:23
Director Fidel Arizmendi
Writer Fidel Arizmendi
AD Luciano Seri
Director of Photography Alan Caudillao
Executive Producer Fidel Arizmendi
Pablo Jose Barroso
Fernando J. Ruiz
Line Producer Alberto Zeni
Music Gustavo Farias
Editing Jesus Silva
Casting Rosalinda Morales
Art Director  Geoffrey Brown
Makeup Rosie Duprat Fort
Luis Garcia
Sound Mixer Juan Diego Borda
Sound Engineer Jesus Guevara
Hunter Moore
Gonzalo Ugateche
Special Effects Maury Rosenfeld
Cory Shaw
Andrew Allen Austin
Camera “A” Operator Ted Chu
First Assistant Camera “B” Brad Greenspan
Second Assistant Camera Mark Legaspi
Key Grip Luis Luna
First Assistant Camera “A” Clint Moran
Dolly Operator
Nikolas Smith
Grip/Electrician Francis F. Trejo
Gaffer Alberto Vegas
Wardrobe  Traci Asher
Yolanda Eliana Alexander
Salvador Alejandro Edda
Soledad Lupe Ontiveros
Aura Lidia Pires
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