A Race to the Center of the Sun

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While Khepri traveled from Earth’s brother planet: Foraelia, he fell asleep on a glorious ship Amberlight and he dreamt about an extraordinary race. The twelve animals from the Chinese Zodiac have gathered to hear Framingham, a baseball player scarab who self appointed himself as the mayor of Browntown, announce the start of the Race to the center of the Sun.

During the course of the race, the animals experience excess, war and destruction. They fast approach earth but are delayed by the airport security. Finally after breaking gravity, they cross the night sky. When they arrive at the center of the Sun, the animals reveal to us a fundamental truth…


Title A Race to the Center of the Sun
Duration 7:25
Production Design Patricia Krebs
Animation Edgar Humberto Alvarez
Animation Assistance Camilo Mojica
Concept Khepri Suhkhotep I

Music from the album:


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