Harold Escotet

Harold Escotet

After completing my basic education and obtaining my high school diploma, I was admitted for an undergraduate program in Systems Engineering, where I received my BS degree July 2007. This stage in my life was very important to me: I had been able to complete my academic plans and could set out to find my place in the world with an open mind. However, being an engineer did not mark the full achievement of my goals. While pursuing my engineering degree, I became involved in what was to become my true passion: filmmaking.

The attraction I feel for this expression of art drives me to further my training and skills to be able to take the lead and become a director, a cinematographer and a producer. I want to be able to deliver a message that extends beyond time and cultures, where my ideas can be examined through generations to come, and elicit all kinds of responses from those who see my films. I have learned that the audience’s review can be bitter or pleasant, another lesson in human diversity.

I want to listen to all kinds of people and be able to understand them; all those who have performed in the film of my life have a place on my mind. Certainly, I want people to listen to me as well: I do my own thinking and exert my free will.

There are so many untold stories, and we don’t have enough time to put them on film. Perhaps a start is telling others from my own experience, messages that deserve to be shared with people, taking advantage of film. As filmmaking evolves, I want to be in a position where I can be a catalyst for thought and action, helping society by showing it the wisdom every little human being can teach us in all walks of life. I feel an interior satisfaction when I am able to help others give their best, especially when they don’t think they have that other “best”. I would say doing this is one of the good things about being a director/cinematographer.

This background lets me state decisively that I have embarked in an indisputable course of action that leads me to a directing position. I have taken advantage of any opportunity, be it a narrative, commercial or documentary, or whatever helps me grow as a storyteller and filmmaker. Everything in the film process is captivating: being close to the cameras, listening to the words of the director for guidance, studying the levels of light, coordinating talent, exchanging impressions with a storyboard artist, working with the lights for the perfect, meaningful angle, all to communicate ideas in a visual sequence. These are all steps toward discovery, a process filled with energy, and have been fruitful points in my life that nurture the love and passion I feel for filmmaking.

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