Cortos from

Private eye Hadrianus Cárdenas Cárdenas attempts to figure out the whereabouts of a missing person at the apartment of four young folks who can’t stop smoking Hilton cigarettes.

Directed by:Matias Villa Prieto
Written by:Matias Villa Prieto
Executive Producer:Pablo Torrejón
Production:Pamela Hurtado
Director of Photography:Nicolás Dehnhardt
Camara AssistantOscar R.A. Letelier
Natalia Encina
Art Director:Arlen Machuca
Art Director Assistant:Josefina Reyes
Script Supervisor/ Continuity Arnols Parra
SoundJuan Pablo Lubbert
Original MusicMatias Blake N
ADRamiro Ossa Jahr
EditingRamiro Ossa Jahr
Credit DesignRamiro Ossa Jahr
Hadrianus Cárdenas CárdenasDaniel Antivilo
Iván AlexisJacob Reyes
AnnaPamela Pando
RichieDomingo Solar
Juan PabloCristóbal Martínez
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