La Nochebuena de Paco y Manolo

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Paco and Manolo are two forty-year-old Venezuelan adolescents spending Christmas Eve in a deserted watering hole. Not a great idea and they know it. They are lonely. They are pouting. They are whining. They are guys! And they are missing every opportunity Christmas has to offer. Will they manage to stop their banter long enough to talk to the two beautiful girls walking in to play some pool?

Title La Nochebuena de Paco y Manolo
Duration 11:59
Director Alejandro Furth
Writer Alejandro Furth and Steve Wilcox
Producer Alejandro Furth
Carolina Martínez
Ileanna Simancas
Co-Producer Steve Wilcox
Editor Luis Carlos Hueck
Otto Scheuren
Cinematographer Carlos González
Camera Operators Daniel Colmenares

Luis Carlos Hueck
Alejandro Mora
Sound Jesús Guevara
Boom Operator José Leonardo Martínez
Music Jesús Florido
Make Up Angélica Ballesteros
Production Designer Ileanna Simancas
Francisco Stohr
Production Consultant Francisco Lorite
Assistant Director Rafael C. Herrera
Lighting Equipment Cineworks Inc
Recording Studio Blague Communications
Animation/CGI Daniel Blanco
Gaffer Paul Cuffee
Key Grip Justin Huen
Associate Producers Jeffrey Flegel
Havewit Productions
Tim “Mongo” Jerhoff
Rafael Lemes
Carlos Moscol
Praxedes Rivera
Kevin Rooney
Production Assistants Carlos Ciurlizza
Sal Felix
Judy García
Gin Hughes
Robert Hay
Erika Olmos
Claudia Requena
Catering Juvenal Rodríguez
Adriana Castillo
Voice Over Hernán de Béky
Paco Alejandro Furth
Manolo Steve Wilcox
Laura Emily Dean
Lisa Laura Cassidy
Bartender Adrian Lelea
Guy 1 Francisco Stohr
Guy 2 Luis Carlos Hueck


“La Gaita de Paco y Manolo”
Jesús Florido
Hernán de Béky
Piano, Bass, Maracas:
Jesús Florido
Cuatro, Lead Vocals:
Hernán de Béky
Furruco, Tambora, Güiro:
Miguel Miao

Deep and sincere Thank You
(This film would really not have been made without their help and support)
The White Horse
Victoria Lelea
Ignacio Piñerúa
Hook Brothers
Ken Fuller
Deborah Maxwell
Blas Kisic
Diego Velásco
Carolina Paiz
Coupa Café


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