Los Cortos Podcast #06 with Paco and Manolo

The final podcast of 2010 is the new podcast for 2011. A little late but as Blas puts it: Better Late than Never. In this episode we talket with Paco and Manolo, the guys who created  “La Nochebuena de Paco y Manolo” Steve Wilcox and Alex Furth are Paco and Manolo and we talked with […]

La Nochebuena de Paco y Manolo

Paco and Manolo are two forty-year-old Venezuelan adolescents spending Christmas Eve in a deserted watering hole. Not a great idea and they know it. They are lonely. They are pouting. They are whining. They are guys! And they are missing every opportunity Christmas has to offer. Will they manage to stop their banter long enough […]