Frank Calls

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Frank misses Kat stalking him so he decides to call on her. Kat eagerly awaits his arrival. Her ex-husband Bobby has other ideas. When Kat finally understands the rules of the game of desire that Frank is playing she wins his affections. (Just under the surface the film is a critique on white male power, race and the nature of desire).


Title   Frank Calls
Duration   8:58
Director / Writter   Guillermo Martín Sepúlveda
Co-Producer   Hilary Johnson
Co-Producer   Guillermo Martin Sepúlveda
Co-Producer / Composer / Editor    Daniel Stone
Executive Producer    Kenny Martin
Editing / VFX Daniel Stone
Director of Photography    Aaran Creece, Chris McHardy
Gaffer    JD Cohen
Camera Trainee     Datu Bethke
Focus Puller    Kyle Clasky
Costume & Design    Guillermo Martín Sepúlveda
Set Assitant     Biman Kasun
Sound Mixing/Foley   Daniel Stone
Continuity   James Martin
Makeup   Sandy Cabellero
Catering   Hilary Jhonson
Catering   Lola Loulette


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