Guillermo Martín Sepúlveda

Guillermo is a Chilean living in Australis. He is an award winning filmmaker. His films are broadcast around the world.
Guillermo has also garnered a Human Rights Commendation award, City of Melbourne Open Award & numerous Charity certificates for outstanding contributions.
​Guillermo’s philanthropic & environmental work has managed teams to raise millions of dollars for Amnesty International and UNICEF.
Other charities benefiting from Guillermo’s fundraising management work include The Cancer Council, The Wilderness Society, Red Cross Australia, The Fred Hollows Foundation & other peak organisations. Guillermo is a former staff member of Amnesty International & UNICEF.
Guillermo is also a published author, screenwriter, magazine writer & on-line content producer.
With many years of television, film & published writing success Guillermo gathered a team to develop new cinema, television, print & media art @ incanDescentProductions.
We at incanDescentProductions will create greater access to your chosen market. We will illuminate your product & expand your impact through a diverse portfolio of broadcasting, publishing & on-line marketing opportunities

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