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Carlos Guevara suffers from Arthrogryposis Complex Congenita (wooden doll syndrome) a condition that stiffens all four of his limbs. He finds it difficult to complete daily tasks such as shaving, getting dressed and even walking.

However, at 24 years of age, he has already traveled across the world as a drummer playing along with the SIMON BOLIVAR SYMPHONY and THE BIG BAND JAZZ. His determination and will to do what he loves makes him an inspiration to all.

This short documentary is yet another proof that perseverance, passion and talent will get us anywhere, regardless of the obstacles we find along the way.

Musicians will be inspired, and those who do not play an instrument will be encouraged to be passionate about what they love.

Duration 11:57
Director Carlos Beltran
Producer Ivan Gonzalez
Cameras Carlos Beltran
Ivan Gonzalez
Editing Carlos Beltran
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