Trust 22

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Believing in a dream is the first step to seeing it, and not the last one. People around the world are waking up each day realizing the immense power they have. Each day, more and more people are shifting realities to create their own and materializing their dream.

Title Trust 22
Duration 55:48
Director Oren Stambouli
Writer Oren Stambouli
Producer Oren Stambouli
Editor Xian
Design + Efffects  + Scale
Karatara Photo Montage Jan Turnbull
Camera Operators Oren Stambouli
Additional Camara Ricardo Reenal
Sound Design Claudio Corsi
 Original Music Mike Rennie
Special Contributions by Alejandra Huerta
Alan Hamaoui
Isa Traverso-Burger
David Furth
Cast Casey Groves
Harmony Ingraham
Brandon Jones
Lana Meitzer
Interviews Eli Bravo
Mike Bhayibhle
Amanda Boardman
Steve Carver
John Healey
Miranda Mayepheli
Danna MaCallum
Ricardo Montaner
Marlene Rodriguez M De Montaner
Kiki Theo
Nestor Torres
Isa Traverso-Burger


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