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Transaction is a timeless story about a group of paramilitary children involved in the plastic bottled-water trafficking industry.

Transacción es una historia de un grupo de niños paramilitares involucrados en el tráfico de botellas de agua.


Title   Transaction
Duration   6:51
Director   Sebastian Mosquera
Producer   Sarah Liu – Prachi Vasant
First Assistant Director   Elizabeth Myring
Director of Photography   Luke Morrissey
Music Maddie Williamson
Costume Designer   Ali Pyrke
Second Assistant Director   Carla Moncayo
Sound Designer Alex Wakefield
Camera Asistant   Brendan Cherry
Second Camera Assistant   Connor O’Brien
Gaffer   Nick Livingston
Grip   Tim Smith
Runner Abhi Samariya
Makeup Artists   Farnoosh Zehtab – Alex Nania
Continuity   Teagan Rodgers
Unit Manager   Marie Foley
Props Master   Scott Day
Stunt Coordinator   Reg Roordink
Safety Supervisor Clint Dodd
Stills Photographer   Eliot Morrissey
Writer/Editor   Sebastián Mosquera
Online Editor   Andrew Connel
Sound Mixer   Peter Frost
Supervising Producer   Adrian Holmes
VCA Screen Production Coordinator   Dona Hensler
Post Production Coordinator  Gordon Lyon
Tinkerbell   Lulu Fitz
Dead Body Jaime Enrique Gutierrez Pérez
Child soldier    Juliette Salom
Wendy   Bronte Smith
Junior Lieutenant Javier West
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