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Sora, a young and attractive woman, is cited by the one she assumes is the wife of her current partner. Determined not to abandon the battle, she accepts the invitation, because she has a letter up her sleeve that she thinks will make her come out victorious. But nothing is what it seems to be.

Title   Cala
Duration   3:53
Director,   Jimmy Castro
Director of Photography   Jimmy Castro
Executive Producer   Christian Cobucci
    Ignacio Koury
    Dessirée Pérez
Script   Dessirée Pérez
    Jimmy Castro
Sound and Editing   David Mendoza
    Julio García
Art Director   Dessirée Pérez
Graphic Design   David Mendoza
    Julio García
Make Up and Special Effects   David Morales
Production and Lighting   Marisela Ponce
Catering   Carla González
Transport   Armando Gudiño
    Jimmy Castro
Cala   Loreint Hernández
Zora   Daniela Marcano
Waiter   Enderson Rojas
Carlos   Christian Cobucci

Special Thanks
Starmodel Agency
Amelie Coffeshop
Carla González
Christian Cobucci
Diamel Marini
Graciela Yubrán
Ignacio Koury
Luis Figueroa
Claudio Cobucci
Alessandro Cobucci
Ricky Zambrano
Vanessa Salerno
Leonardo Guillarte

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