Los Cortos Podcast #10 with Fidel Arizmendi

In today’s show Blas and Yaniv sat with Fidel Arizmendi, whose latest work is a short film called “Hacia la vida” He started as a writer for TV shows like Roseanne and Home Improvement before going to advertising. He began as a writer and later moved to be a director. After many years directing TV […]

Los Cortos #1. What is Los Cortos?

This is the first recording of The Los Cortos Podcast. Recorded at Blague Communications with Blas Kisic and Yaniv Waisman. Today we talk about what Los Cortos is, where it came from and what we want to do in the future. Visit the website for more Cortos and information on what we are doing.  www.LosCortos.com […]