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“Dragon Day” new Trailer

Our friend Jeffrey Travis is close to release his first feature film “Dragon Day”. Jeffrey has three short film in our site, “Elegy”, “Recuerdos de un Mate” and “What’s wrong with this picture”. It is amazing to see our friend go from short films to feature films. We wish him the best and hope to […]


When a strange clown shows up at a young wife’s funeral, things only begin to get stranger for Jack, the mourning husband, as a terrible secret is unveiled. Featuring a unique dialog style — all lines are entirely in rhyme — the film unfolds like a Dr. Seuss nightmare.

Recuerdos de un Mate

This short docu-drama about a social tea ritual in Argentina reflects on memories and friendship.

What’s wrong with this picture

When young Aidan draws the wrong picture, things can go wrong, very wrong, in the world of a three year old. A mock cautionary tale mixing live action and animation. Winner of multiple awards, this film has played at over 30 festivals and is distributed on the shorts! DVD collection.