Paquete #3 – Package #3 Looking for your help

Package #3 is an ironic comedy-drama independent Venezuelan film. It is also part of a campaign called “Mission No More Bullets” against the violence in Venezuela. This is the first film by our friend Alfredo Hueck who has a couple of great short films in the site. The film is in post production and is […]


During a long overnight bus trip, Manuel, a 25 year old, hopes to meet the woman that will change his life. Graciela, a 24 year old, almost makes it. During the trip, Manuel trys without luck to get closer, while his “thoughts” as a ghost, helps him with thousands of options for courtships. Winner of […]

Bloques (Bloque 1)

Film compuesto de dos historias: En el Bloque 1 se cuenta la historia de Manuel, un hombre solitario y gris, cuya actitud lo distancia de todos los que lo rodean, incluso de su propio hijo. En medio de la rutina y el alcohol, surge la esperanza de un nuevo amor. Así es como Norma, cantinera […]