Los Cortos became a non-profit organization in 2016. What started as a website for short films created by the hispanic community, it has grown to a community with dozes of filmmakers, more than 120 short films, 5 events in the US and hundreds of daily visitors to the website.

Los Cortos has change and we plan to keep changing.

A DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM: is a free place to host and promote short films created by the hispanic community or by people who create short films with an hispanic theme.

With the success of our first festivals, we want to continue to expand the reach of these short films, with festivals, presentations with Q&A with directors, producers and people involved with the films.

During one of our festivals, a filmmaker from Spain met a producer from the US, that meeting lead to a feature film development. THAT is what we want, that is one of the main goals of Los Cortos, for people to meet and create new opportunities.

Los Cortos wants to educate people who are interested in the art of creating short films. With conferences, panels, special guests and events target to schools.