Otto Scheuren

Raised in a family related to film and television in Venezuela (Creativos Audiovisuales, Cinemateriales). He started his career as young editor at Bravo channel 57 in 1996, was studying to become a bachelor of Mass Communication at the Catholic University Andrés Bello (1998) in Caracas. From 1999 to 2003, his journey into various television channels (RCTV, SONY, Cisneros Television Group -CTG- in Miami, etc.) improved his skills in post-production. CTG project won several Promax/BDA while Otto was involved as a Producer-Creative (specifically with Canal Clase). Today is a versatile editor with extensive experience in various formats: commercials, music videos, short films, etc. Since 2004 works in Makiné Studios, Post-production house located in Venice, CA. He has won the confidence of many clients and is responsible for a number of TV advertising campaigns. Some brands include Denny’s, H&R Block, KIA, Toyota, Bimbo, Blue Cross of California, Qwest Communications, McDonald’s, Jeep among others. Promax/BDA garnered Otto with numerous awards in 2004 for his work with MAkinÉ on Sí TV’s On-Air Image Campaign. Also Telly’s Awards on Time Warner Cable Campaign and many others Magazines of Advertising Agencies on the Hispanic Market of United States. Also, with his first film as editor, “The Zero Hour”, he gained recognition with Best Editing in Merida Film Festival 2010 in Venezuela.

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