Jeff Torres

Jeff Torres

Jeff Torres is originally from Rancho Cucamonga in sunny Southern California. He’s been acting more than half his life, training since high school, to UC Riverside, Mexico City (yes he’s 100% fully bilingual in Spanish and English), Playhouse West, The Ivana Chubbuck Studio, with Dee Wallace and numerous other workshops in and around Los Angeles and New York. His real training comes from doing theatre and being on sets. He’s honed his craft with each project, from independent short films to major network television alongside Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated actors. As a budding filmmaker he hopes to tell honest stories that can make you get lost int he story as much as they can make you think about the human condition. He believes that art can change the world.

When not writing/creating and performing on stage or on set he is probably shirtless, cooking and sharing his health knowledge on #ShirtlessKitchen on his Instagram page @iamjefftorres , working out, singing karaoke (in the shower, thanks covid), playing videogames, or reading.


“Once” Jeff’s latest short film that is premiering here at Los Cortos on October 1st.









Here is an interview of Jeff Torres and Carlos Amezcua

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