Frida Harari Sitton

(Mexico City 1985) Introduced in the arts at an early age participating in various art exhibitions mainly in painting, sculpture and later in doing a fusion of both studying social discourse happens in our country.

She has conducted several studies of culture, theater and music in Switzerland, Spain and Mexico and studied communication specializing in cinema by the University Anahuac of México City. She directed her first short film “Esa de Rojo” on what has been presented at national and international festivals and then made projects in various production companies involved in the crew team. and later on with her second short film “Phosphenes” (2015).

In the art field she has done exhibitions such as “When Fashion Meets Art” for Etro, “Needs, Fears, and Desires” the realization of the prize “80 Years of the Junior league in México” celebrated in Méxicos Antropology Museum, and “The art of transforming” with exclusive series for Vitromex brand.

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