cristian proa

Cristian Proa

He was born in Mexico City on August 31, 1982. His a Film director and writer. He has participated in various seminars and has worked alongside teachers like: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Meirelles, Mary Sweeny, Rafael Perrin, German Robles, Josefo Rodriguez and sculptor Javier Marin. Founder and Director of ” MUESTRA DE CINE 1910″ which is credited to more than 70 directors from around the world projecting in countries like USA, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Germany. His work as a director has led to present his work at major cultural venues in the city of Mexico like Museo Soumaya, Cineteca Nacional, Palace of Beauty arts in Mexico, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Biblioteca Vasconcelos, and Museo Diego Rivera. In other countries like Chile and USA exhibiting in koubek Center, Art Basel, and O cinema in Miami and Palace of the Moneda in Santiago, Chile. Cristian has also been selected to participate in international festivals, being recognized for his creativity in art. This results in being part of the jury in Film Festivals like Miami Short Film Festival, the festival “Cinema of the streets”, film festival of Tabasco, Rakk Focus. His performances has distinguished lectures and master classes inside recognized university like University of Munich in Germany, Miami Dade Collage USA, University Andres Bello in Chile and in Mexico la University of Guadalajara, University Autonoma of San Luis Potosi, UNAM, UVM, UAM and University insurgent. Between his filmography is his short film “DESPERTAR” (2003) being among the first places in the festival of Rio De Janeiro. Created “NEBLINA” (2005) and travels to Santiago, Chile to film his third Short film “FUERA DE MI” being an official deletion in Valdivia festival and Sapporo International Film Festival in Japan. He continues with his work and films “ESCAFANDRA” (2008) being nominated in various festivals in Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. Then performs “CYCLOPE” (2011) nominated best director, best screenwriter and best short fiction. Cyclope is projected in Germany and it becomes an object of study by the school of psychology in the university of Guadalajara. Crisitan receives awards for his work as director and promoter of culture in the film festival of Tabasco (Rakk Focus) and from the county of Miami, Florida in behalf of the Miami Dade Collage. He performed along Nelson Hernandez and Antonio Eusebi his first documentary feature film called “HOMONATURA” which is next to being released. Currently resides in USA and promotes his last short film “AEGIS” Which will be premiered at the New York Film Festival and will compete in festivals worldwide. Besides teaching, producing and creating he ventures as a columnist and shares about Cinema in the newspaper “Miami Diario”. He also films a pod cast called “CINEMA 4”. He presented “Dreamers of Decadence ” in the foundations of the Art Basel. Finally and enthusiastically Cristian Proa beings preparations for his second feature “BLIND” Which will take place in Estambul, Turkey. Addition to creating “REFLECTIONS” a cinematic movement with 6 directors more to generate a film industry in Miami.

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