Art Bonilla

Art Bonilla has been in over 70 films and TV shows and over 100 commercials and radio voice overs in his 35 year career. He has won a best actor award for “The Line” in the Yosemite Film Festival. He played “the Barber” in the “Oscar 10 Shortlisted” multi-award winning short “Contrapelo”. He writes comedy, and one example of his wacky sense of humor can be seen on His 3 minute epic: “YumYum Chicle Tree”( it has been in Panamanean Int. Film Festival, Smartfilms Films Festival, and Oaxaca Intl. Film Festival). Art Bonilla can be seen on the new Netflix Series that was just given a second season: “GENTEFIED”….where he plays Vicente, a cook on a “Fifi Le Fufu” Restaurant by day, and a Mariachi by night.(see what I mean?).

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