About Los Cortos

Los Cortos was created to promote the “cortos” or short films created by the hispanic community around the world.

It started by asking a simple question: Where can I see your short films?

And the answer was always one of there:

-Let me send you a DVD
-I have a VHS/DVD in one of my drawers. I need to find it.
-It will be showing in that festival (Which is in a different state or even different country)

We scour the web and festival looking for filmmakers and their work and carefully select the material for our site.

If you find this site and have a short film that you want to include it in our community you can send us an email at elcorto@loscortos.com and we will send you the necessary requirements.

To add your short film you need to have all the necessary rights for your films. And in case we need it, you must submit to us prove of the rights.

Thank you

Los Cortos