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After waking up with out memory, he is afraid to discover who he really is. Simultaneously a woman is fighting memories of her past that hunt her present reality. Liminality tells the story of two troubled people on the verge of a life threshold.

Los Cortos Podcast #18 – Liminality de Oren Stambouli

Este episodio es un poco diferente, primero Blas está filmando en algún lugar de Estados Unidos (por lo menos eso es lo que el dice), segundo este es el resumen de “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos” y me acompaña Oren Stambouli, ganador de “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos” con su cortometraje “Liminality” Oren […]

The “Official Selection” of The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos

Here it is, with no particular order, the “Official Selection” of “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos” “Historia Muerta” by Fran Mateu “Liminality” by Oren Stambouli “Persistence” by Joel Vazquez “Verbena” by Ana Aurora Rodríguez “El Puente” by Agostina Ravazzola “A Race to the center of the Sun” by Edgar Alvarez, Patricia Krebs y Khepri Suhkhotep I “La Conclusión de […]

What can you win at the Los Cortos’ raffle?

We are very happy to announce that we are gathering a very nice list of items for the Los Cortos’ “WORLD FAMOUS” raffle. This year you can buy your tickets online and we will send you the items (We can only ship in the US, but if you don;t have an address in the US, […]

Los Cortos Podcast #17 – The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos

Continuando en español, Yaniv Waisman y Blas Kisic conversan sobre “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos. En este episodio del podcast de Los Cortos, Conversamos sobre la tercera edición del festival de “Los Cortos”.  En la sección de festival tenemos toda la información de como enviar tu cortometraje, de las bases, del jurado y de […]

Location, Location, Location

The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos is approaching and we found a great place for the Festival.   The event will be held at THE MACHA THEATER in West Hollywood on October 25th. Here are a couple of pictures of the place.  

Film Submission

Instructions for the Festival. This Festival showcases latin filmmakers from around the world. In order to be part of it, you need to be a latin filmmaker or your short film must have a theme based on the latin culture or people. -Fill out the form below. All fields with * are required. -The short […]

The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos

Los Cortos has open the submission period for “The 3rd Noche de Los Cortos”. The event will take place in Los Angeles at the end of October. You can submit your corto via our form here. The Noche de Los Cortos is a different festival. It is a show where we will showcase about two […]