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Los Cortos Podcast #07 with Jesus Rodriguez

Episode #7 of the Los Cortos Podcast. From the Blague Studios in Studio City, California, Blas and Yaniv talked with Jesus Rodriguez. A writer and a great director. We talked about his short films and how he started. How he made his first short film “Lucy and Ricky” and how he made the rest. Click here to see his short films […]

Never After

A couple of newly weds start their marriage as everybody is supposed to, but after 12 minutes –in real time- they face the real meaning of honesty and the ultimate tragedy. This short is an intense exercise of narrative.

Lost and Found

A man’s search for the most important thing he ever lost.


“Campesino” is a stylish short documentary designed and executed in order to give illegal immigrants a voice and a chance to explain their point of view: why they cross the border, the risks, the suffering, the dreams, the hopes.  One face and one history that represents a vast universe of people that are talked about […]

Lucy & Ricky

A multicultural couple deals with their differences; a Latin husband and an American wife have a “normal” evening watching TV and pretending that life is good enough.