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Homebound Trailer

Our friend Fanny Véliz has been working very hard for the last two years to make her first feature film. “Homebound” is ready and she is starting to submit it to the festivals. Here is the trailer for the film. Visit the official site Homebound

Homebound Web Party

Our good friend Fanny Véliz is having a Web party on August 4th with the cast and crew of her up coming movie “Homebound“. The movie is in post production right now and needs some funding to finish it. I have seen parts of it and it looks really good. Visit the site and check […]

Il Destino

If your present is not what you expected, and you get one chance to relive your past…Was it meant to be all along? A newly divorced single father reconnects with a past love for a meeting that forever changes his life.

Los Cortos #2 with Fanny Veliz

This is the Podcast #2 for Los Cortos. Today we have Fanny Veliz as our guest. On the site you can see two of her films: 3Some and ShortStop.  She just directed “Il Destino” which got an Imagen Award Nomination.   We talk about her Cortos and about her history as a Filmmaker and Actress. […]

Rosas de Color Rosa

Ella habla de sus amigos, familia, de sus cosas favoritas y de las que no le gustan pero un sentimiento le puede dar un giro a su vida que cambiará hasta los pequeños detalles.


Love and Marriage. Can you have one without the other? On this wedding eve 3 couples put this ld age question to the test while redefining their lives in this glimpse into what love means and why in the end Love is so hard to hold on to.


2 Latinas find out they are sleeping with the same man. They confront eachother as they reflect on the decisions they are about to make… All in the front seat of a car.