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“Llorona” es un cortometraje Stop Motion de terror que toma como base la leyenda de “La llorona” pero plasmada desde el punto de vista muy particular de los creadores.   “Llorona” a horror stop motion short film about the legend of “La Llorona”, but brought to life by a particular point of view of the […]

The Invisibles

The invisibles is a clay animated short of 6 minutes where the streets from LA will be the scenery, intending to make visible the invisible, showing through different characters a day in the lives of homeless people, the ones that survive, underlie, or live in a different reality due to their lunacy, youngsters with a […]

I Wanna Shine

When the lights go out…the show starts. (Visited 183 times, 1 visits today)

A Race to the Center of the Sun

While Khepri traveled from Earth’s brother planet: Foraelia, he fell asleep on a glorious ship Amberlight and he dreamt about an extraordinary race. The twelve animals from the Chinese Zodiac have gathered to hear Framingham, a baseball player scarab who self appointed himself as the mayor of Browntown, announce the start of the Race to […]

Marcel et Marceau

A Mime’s space is a mime’s space. And this happens when two mimes find each other in the same space.A great animation that pair two great mimes trying tu upmime the other one. (Visited 47 times, 1 visits today)


“Brazaletes” Un organismo de vigilancia ciudadana conocido como Brazaletes ha logrado con éxito mantener el orden público, hasta que un extraño caso de suicidio activa sus operativos de alta tecnología. Detrás de este incidente existirán oscuras causas que se descubrirán con la investigación ________________ “Brazaletes” With the purpose of prevent any possible subversive action against […]


Dave was assembled by Octavio Villegas, Eduardo Hueso, Alberto Lara, Francisco Berrizbeitia, Pedro Omedas, Diego Bauducco and Carl Zitelmann. Narrated by: Derrick Bishop (Visited 33 times, 1 visits today)

What’s wrong with this picture

When young Aidan draws the wrong picture, things can go wrong, very wrong, in the world of a three year old. A mock cautionary tale mixing live action and animation. Winner of multiple awards, this film has played at over 30 festivals and is distributed on the shorts! DVD collection. (Visited 22 times, 1 visits […]

Danza Macabra

A beautiful animation, a dance following the Danza Macabra de Camile Saint-Saëns (Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)


A stop-motion animation where little things are still scary, well, almost. (Visited 22 times, 1 visits today)